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LAP-BAND® Surgery Michigan

The LAP-BAND® procedure is a weight-loss surgery that relies on a silicone band to restrict food intake. During this procedure, the band is positioned around the upper end of the stomach – a technique that establishes a small upper pouch which is linked to the larger bottom portion of the stomach by a narrow passageway. The purpose of the procedure is simply to create a “full” feeling in the patient, which can help to reduce the intake of food.

How the LAP-BAND® Works for You

The key to the LAP-BAND’s® effectiveness is an adjustable collar that can be expanded or deflated for best results with each individual patient. After connecting the LAP-BAND® to a reservoir via a tube specifically engineered for this purpose, the reservoir is positioned beneath the upper abdomen. After that, the stomach-collar can be adjusted by adding or removing needle-delivered saline solution at the doctor’s office.

One of the best things about this approach is that it preserves the natural sequence of steps in digestion and absorption,  so that the only food restriction involved comes from the mechanical lowering of the stomach’s capacity. In most cases, the procedure is very low-risk – although success does depend on maintaining both the small-pouch volume and the correct outlet diameter.



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