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Mindful Eating: Developing a New Relationship with Food

Munching in front of the TV. Eating so fast we barely taste our food. Filling our stomachs before our brains realize we are no longer hungry. People who struggle with their weight often eat mindlessly - without savoring the taste of each bite and without enjoying the preparation of their meals. It's a common problem that often leads to overeating and obesity. "Mindful eating" techniques, on the other hand, can help us manage our weight. 

Developing "mindful eating" techniques can be helpful to anyone who is trying to manage their weight. This is especially true for individuals considering bariatric surgery. "Bariatric surgery itself is just a tool to help you lose weight," said Shahid Hussain, M.D., a consulting psychiatrist with Harper BMI. "But there are other things you need to do to ensure your success after surgery - and one of them is developing a new relationship with food."

Bariatric surgery forces us to change the way we eat. We must slow down and eat smaller quantities of food. According to Dr. Hussain, we need to become more in tune with our bodies - learning how we feel when we are really hungry, understanding the emotional and stress triggers that cause us to overeat, practicing slower eating habits and being mindfully present for each bite.

Based on principles of Buddhism, mindfulness therapies have been used successfully by psychologists for three decades to reduce stress, minimize pain, treat depression and even reduce self mutilation. Recent studies show modified mindfulness techniques are also remarkably effective as a weight loss tool.

Dr. Hussain said the idea for mindful eating training is fairly simple. "The idea of mindfulness is to slow down and pay attention to the moment, pay attention to the quality and taste of your food, think about how it is making you feel in that moment."

Many of these concepts can be learned in an introduction to yoga class. "Deep breathing, meditation or progressive muscle relaxation are skills that can be learned and incorporated into your daily life."

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