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Post Bariatric Surgery Care

If you are planning for a surgical weight loss procedure here at Your New Self at Detroit Medical Center, you can look forward to receiving comprehensive post bariatric surgery care from our multidisciplinary weight loss team. Our team includes physician assistants, registered dietitians, advanced practice nurses, and patient co-coordinators.

Post-Surgical Medical Care

The procedure you undergo and your overall health and wellness determine the length of your hospital stay. In general, you can expect to spend one to five days in the hospital following weight loss surgery.

Our team of bariatric surgery nurses will closely monitor your vital signs and help you get out of bed as soon as possible. Getting out of bed will help minimize the risk of surgical complications.

If needed, you'll be provided with pain medication. Prior to discharge, you'll be checked over by your bariatric surgeon.

You'll be scheduled for a number of follow-up appointments at Your New Self during the first year after your weight loss surgery. You are also encouraged to meet regularly with your family physician to monitor your progress.

Support Groups

It's important for weight loss surgery patients to connect with one another - that's why we host regular post bariatric surgery care support groups for our patients.

Our support groups provide patients with an opportunity to meet other people who have experienced similar struggles with excess weight. Support group members exchange information, make personal connections, and access ongoing support from our weight loss team.

Each support group session is facilitated by one of our weight loss experts, such as a doctor, nurse, or exercise physiotherapist. We cover topics ranging from post-operative diets to coping skills, dealing with food cravings, and preventing post-surgical complications.

Nutritional Counseling

After your weight loss surgery, you will need to make a number of changes to your diet that can include eating small portions, increasing the amount of lean protein you consume, and cutting back on some types of foods.

Our team of weight loss experts includes registered dietitians who have specialized training in providing post bariatric surgery care and dietary guidance. We'll work with you to develop a simple, enjoyable meal plan that includes foods you can find in your local grocery store.

We'll also make sure that your post-surgery diet includes all the nutrients you need to achieve the best possible outcome from your weight loss procedure.

To Learn More

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About your new self at Detroit Center in Michigan

Detroit Medical Center is the premier provider of weight loss surgery in Michigan and the Great Lakes Region. DMC operates offices in the Madison Heights and Southfield areas of Detroit, Michigan, and serves other areas including Ypsilanti, Saginaw, Ann Arbor, Detroit, Flint, Livonia, Monroe, Lansing, Dearborn, Novi and Troy. Your New Self also serves Canadian bariatric patients as a preferred provider for the Ontario Ministry of Health.

Your New Self at Detroit Medical Center boasts four expert bariatric surgeons who specialize in LAP-BAND®, REALIZE® Band, Sleeve Gastrectomy, and Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass bariatric surgeries.

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